Wayfaring Strangers

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Another travel through time.

Tape-recorded shellac containing decades of ancient pop.

Yesterday is now!


released July 9, 2016

Sources for dating includes;


Discography of American Historical Recordings




The Sound Of Shellac Norway

"Music is the universal laws promulgated..:" -H.D.Thoreau-

"...each generation claims the right not only to emphasise the present, but to re-estimate the past...."
-L. Untermeyer-

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Track Name: Enrico Caruso - La donna è mobile (1908)
"La donna è mobile
Qual piuma al vento...etc."

"Woman is fickle
Like a feather in the Wind,..etc."
Track Name: Max Woiski and his West Indian Orchestra - Para Vigo Me Voy (c.1950)

In Spain they say "Sie, Sie"
In French they say "Oui, Oui"
Have a little Russian say "Da, Da"
Have a little Dutchman say "Jah, Jah"
Track Name: Alf Prøysen (sang med piano) - Lillebrors Vise (1948)
(Ludt / Prøysen)

A song written in the perspective of the youngest in a flock of children.


For det kan bare Lillebror
og bare, bare han
For det er bare Lillebror
og ingen flere som kan!

Prosaic translation;

That is only Little Brother who can
and only, only he
That is only little Brother
And noone else who can!
Track Name: Lone Star Ranger with Orchestral Accompaniment - Eleven More Months and Ten More Days (1930)
(Fields / Hall)
A bird in another cell asked me
"How long you're in here for?"
I told him, that I'll be here,
eleven months and ten days more
"I'm here untill tomorrow..", he said
I said; "You son of a gun, you're a lucky guy!"
He said, "Am I? Tomorrow I'm gonna be hung!"

Eleven more months and ten more days,
I'll be out of the callabooze,
Eleven more months and ten more days,
They gonna turn me loose...

Track Name: Alma Cogan and Vocal Group with Felix King at the Piano - Skokiaan (1954)
Written by August Musarurwaa contemporary Rhodesian of George Sibanda.
Track Name: Don Marino Barretto and his Cuban Orchestra - Babalu (Afro-Cubano) (1941)
(M. Lecuona)
Track Name: Burl Ives med Orkester - A) Wayfaring Stranger - B) Woolie Boogie Bee (1949)

I wish I was the sun up above
Wish I was the sun up above
If I were the sun above
I'd shine right down on my true love
I wish I was the sun up above
Track Name: Grace Amemiya with Columbia Orchestra - The Song of Arirang (Korean Folk Song) (1951)
(arr. Raymond Hatton)

아리랑 아리랑 아라리요
아리랑 고개로 넘어간다.
Track Name: M.J. Connell - Old Bill Baker (1916)
(Lardner / Kern)

Old Bill Baker, undertaker
He do almost always choke
Whenever anybody croaks
Track Name: Al Craver w/ guitar, fiddle, jews harp and mouth harp accomp. - The Freight Wreck At Altoona (1926)
(Douglas / Robison)
Track Name: Paul Whiteman and his Ambassador Orchestra - The Japanese Sandman (1920)
Track Name: Harkreader & Moore - The Gambler's Dying Words (1927)
Prosaic presentation;

Do not gamble!
Track Name: Colt Brothers Accompanied by Rex Cole Mountaineers - Eleven More Months and Ten More Days (Part 2) (1931)
(Field / Hall)
Track Name: Paul Whitemans Konsertorkester m. Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River (1928)
(Hammerstein / Kern)